Radial arm saws

If you are reviewing and comparing radial arm saws, there are few thing you should be familiar with. Firstly there are a few different sizes to choose from, such as, 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″ and 18″. Try to find a model that has a kickback attachment, this is an important safety feature.

Delta radial arm saw

A number of companies manufacture radial arm saws, including Craftsman, Delta and Dewalt. By far the largest producer is Delta tools. There are over 10 different models of Delta radial arms saws. Models include, 33-420, 33-421, 33-422, 33-410, 33-411, 33-412, 33-400, 33-401, 33-402, 33-890, 33-891, 33-892 and the RS830. Depending on your requirements and budget there are various sizes of motors to choose from, 2hp, 3hp, 5hp and 7 1/2hp.

Compare Delta to other brands like Dewalt (DW720K, DW721K, DW728K, DW729K), Craftsman (22010, 22038), Rigid, Sears, Ryobi, Rockwell and Black & Decker. Compare features to find the best power saw for your needs.

Find the Milwaukee sawzall, that best suits your needs

There are many types of Milwaukee sawzall models to choose from. If you are searching for discount deals on reciprocating saws, then the internet can help you out. You should consider the features that you are looking for in your power tool before you buy.

Milwaukee sawzall

Features to look for in reciprocating saws:

  • depending on your budget and your needs, there are both corded and cordless sawzalls
  • look for models with the reversible battery, perfect to get into tight spaces
  • gear protection system designed to absorb high impact forces
  • counter balance mechanism in Milwaukee power saws gives you the the most vibration free saw on the market
  • variable speed is perfect for precise cutting in a wide variety of materials (wood, metals, plastic)
  • be aware of the various motor sizes that range from 10 amp, 11 amp and for the cordless models there is 18v

If you plan on comparing and reviewing Milwaukee sawzall and reciprocating saw models, they you can start you comparisons online. Reciprocating saws reviews include, 0901-24, 0901-28, 0903-28, 0912-29, 0923-25, 0923-29, 6509-20, 6509-22, 6514-20, 6514-21, 6514-29, 6509-21, 6521-21, 6515-20, 6515-27, 6515-99, 6519-22, 6521-21, 6524-21, 6537-22, 0934-29, 6521-99 and the Milwaukee 0934-29.

Other manufactures to review include, Bosch (RS10, RS20, RS5), Dewalt (DW304PK, DW307MK, DW309K), Makita JR3000V and the Porter Cable 9837.

Professional 10″ Craftsman table saws

Craftsman table saws are known for the superior quality. Manufactured for the best cut possible le they can make all types of cuts; crosscut, rip, miter, bevel and compound. There are 10 types of Craftsman bench saws to choose from.

Craftsman table saw

All Sears Craftsman stationary table saws use a 10″ inch blade. They are manufactured out of heavy-duty cast iron, so they are built to last the forever. Most Sears models come with a dust collection unit to suction up all dust as you work, making for a cleaner job site. Motor sizes vary from 2 hp, 3 hp, 1-3/4 hp, 6 and hp. Some of the accessories you will receive with your purchase include, a metal rip fence, miter gauge, table extensions and a dado insert.

You can also purchase accessories for safety & precision cutting:

  • fine finish carbide miter saw – designed to give you the cleanest possible cut when doing miter cuts
  • table saw guide master – Multi-purpose push shoe keeps your hands away for the saw blade
  • universal jig – designed to fit 3/4 in. wide, 3/8 in. Cut deep miter grooves up to 2 in. thick

The following Sears 10″ inch table saws can be found online or at your local Sears department store: 24820, 21830, 22811, 21810, 24810, 22694, 24888, 22849, 22839, 22859, 131670-02, 22692, 22841, 22831, 22124, 22851, 21804, 21824, 29931, 21830, OR35506, OR35505, 22694, 22692 and the 24883. Before you purchase any type of table saws, it’s a good idea to review and compare brands.

Makita battery for you cordless power tools

Makita batteries come in different voltages including 24v, 18v, 14.4v, 12, 9.6v, and 7.2volt. Designed for use in cordless drills, hammers, impact wrenches, circular, jig and reciprocating saws, if you need a Makita battery you’re in the right place.

There are a variety of Makita NiCad and NiMH batteries to choose from including, B2430, B2417, BH1433, BH1420, BH1233, BH1220, B9017A, 1835, 1834, 1833, 1822, 1435, 1434, 1422, 1235, 1234, 1222, 1201, 1201A, 1200, 1220, 1210, 9135, 9134, 9133, 9122, 9101, 9100, 9120, 9034, 9000, and 7000.

You can find these Makita replacement batteries online for your cordless and battery operated tools. Makita battery chargers will also come in handy when it’s time to recharge your power tool. Other power tool batteries are manufactured by Black and Decker, Panasonic, Craftsman, Bosch, Ryobi, Skil, Milwaukee and Dewalt.

Thickness planer, the only way to plane raw wood

Some things you should know about stationary wood planers:
There a variety of motor sizes to choose from, 15amp, 3hp, 5hp, 7 1/2 hp and 10 hp. Each machine has a maximum thickness of stock that it can plane. Sizes range from, 12″, 12 1/2″, 13″, 15″, 20″ and 24″ inches.

Thickness planer

There are many power tool manufacturers who sell planers such as Delta. Stationary surface planers to review include, Delta planers (RC-63D, 22-610, 22-470, 22-450, 22-451, 22-680Z, DC-380, 22-680Y, TP305, 22-780X) and Shop Fox (W1683, W1724).

Jet planers and combination machines are also very popular, Jwp-15cs, Jwp-15ho, 708521 JWP-12DX, Jwp-12-4p, JPM-13, JWP-16OS, JPM-13CS and the Jet JPM-13CS.

If you are looking for a portable wood planer then the Dewalt DW735 and the DW734 are worth reviewing. Features include, three knife cutter-head and two speed gear box allows users to change feed speed. It comes with 2 accessories, dust hose adapter and a dust ejection chute. Other portable wood jointer planers include, Makita 2012NB and the Deltaportable collection of power planers (22-580, TP400LS, TP300).

Need any planer accessories such as blades or knifes, then check out the deals online. Amazon even sells a huge vareity of power tools, not only books. The Porter-Cable 9125 3-1/4″ power plane kit and the 9118 Porta-Plane kit can be found on Amazon.com for 44% off of regular retail prices.

Power drills, from Makita, Milwaukee & Craftsman

Power drills have rotary drill bits which are used to bore holes through different types of material. The tip of the drill bit cuts into the target material and slices off thin shavings of small particles. These power tools come in cordless and battery operated styles and are made by manufacturers including Dewalt, Black and Decker, Milwaukee, Makita, Craftsman, Hitachi, Powerglide, and Alden.
Power drill

The Makita HK1810 Power Scraper drill is durable, easy to use, time-saving and powerful. The chisel point of this discount power tool can easily lift tiles and scrape up linoleum and grout. This Makita drill power tool has an automatic brush cut-out system to protect the power drill motor and an air cushion hammering for long power tool life.

You can find a discount power drill that comes in different models including HK1810, DS12DVF2, DK1021BL, HK0500, 0501-23, DW138, DW139, and 26186. Dewalt power drills come in angle, rotary, and impact hammer and combo drill/driver styles in models including DC981KA, DC981K2, DW984K2, DW984K2H, DC988KA, DW988K2H, DW165K, DW205, and DW965K.